Choosing colours for your website, logo or brand

Choosing colours for your website, logo or brand

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The mind of human beings is very responsive to different visual stimuli, colour is among the major factors that define this response. This is usually on both a conscious level as well as on a subconscious level. Colours are known to convey some meaning both in the natural world and also in the artifice of our culture. This is why graphic designers should harness the unique power that characterises color psychology, in this way they can provide resonance to all of their designs. In fact, this is most essential in the fields of website design and that of logo design.

How various colors affect different reactions to the audience

Every colour, this is inclusive of white and black, has an effect on logo or website design. This is why designers need to select their colors with Solomonic wisdom. The selected colors are what will enhance certain elements of a logo or a website to provide the much-needed nuance to the message you are trying to pass across by the use of tone and shade.

Generally, bold and bright colours tend to grab attention of the audience but can seem brash. If a sophisticated image is what is being aimed at then muted tones are ideal. However, muted tones risk being overlooked.

The following are some meanings, which are ascribed to various colours in the society today:

This can imply warmth and heat, danger or aggression, energy or passion. Red is a colour that has been identified with the stimulation of appetite, a good explanation as to why it is widely used in numerous food product and restaurant logos. Selecting the red colour for a logo makes it appear more dynamic.

This colour is mostly used in corporate logos and websites. It implies calm, sincerity, integrity, serious mindedness and professionalism. Similarly, it is a color that is strongly associated with success and authority. In fact, it is for that very reason that it is popular with government bodies and financial institutions. It creates a sense of trust and security in a brand.

This colour is mostly utilized in the instance where a company would like to highlight their ethical and natural credentials, particularly with products like vegetarian and organic foods. It is also ascribed to freshness and growth. It is a color that is common with financial products because it symbolizes money.

The use of this colour requires caution as it is associated with cowardice and is applied in warning signs. On the other hand, it may imply feelings of friendliness, warmth and sunny. Furthermore, it another color that is used to stimulate appetite.

It is the colour of modern thinking and innovation. Its other connotations are approach-ability, affordability, fun and youth. It reflects enthusiasm and excitement. It signifies aggression in marketing. It facilitates a call to action i.e. subscribe, sell or buy.

This colour implies flirty and fun. It should be avoided for logos and websites that do not target the feminine gender.

It should be used for products that are associated with the outdoors and rural life. It has strong masculine connotations.

It is associated with naivete, simplicity, cleanliness and purity.

When it is used in websites or logos, it implies sophistication and power. On the other hand, it can mean death and villainy.

The following are some insightful tips on how to choose colours for your website or logo:

Match – If you want to use many colours, ensure that they match. Simple is the best but at times a more complex x website or logo is required. Get a second opinion in case of doubt.

Practicality – This is essential for jobs where the logo will be a part of the uniform or clothing.

The link between emotion and colour – Color greatly affects emotion, this is a fact that should be clear in a designer’s head when choosing colours for a logo or website.

Recognition – Branding is essential to any business, this is because people will immediately associate a brand with a certain colour.

Nature of work – It is very important to select colours of logos and websites that match the particular industry in which they will be applied. It is advisable to use the positive aspects of the industry when doing this. This means that there are colors that are specific to certain industries.

The above insightful information shows the importance of choosing the right colour for your website or logo and what some common colors generally imply. Now you know how to choose colours for your website or logo.

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