Is your website optimised for Mobile Phones

If not you may be losing valuable customers for your business. Today in 2015 mobile usage in Australia is the number one form of connecting to the internet.  You only have to look around on the train in the morning to see how many people that have their face indulged into the screen of their smart phone.

Having your website optimised for mobile phones,  tablets and other devices is very important to keep connected with the majority of customers searching for your product or service on there mobile device or tablet. According to statistics from (Australia communications and media authority) internet usage via mobile devices is growing approximately %10 per year.  We believe this number will continue to increase over the years and if not now out weigh home computer usage.

mobile usage australia

2 ways you can have a mobile friendly site:

1) Make sure your site is responsive.

2) Have a separate mobile website.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website means that the website’s images and text resize when viewed on mobile devices
and tablets.  The user has a better experience viewing the website as there is no panning or scrolling across trying to view text.  You can check if your website is responsive by using this free tool

PROS: Cheap, as your site will be as one on desktop to mobile devices.  Users of the site will have a better experience viewing your website without trying to pan out to see the whole website.

CONS: if the site is not professionally designed some images might look out of place or offset in the
users device. Re-sizing problems for different devices making your site unusable for certain platforms.

What is a Mobile website?

To have a separate mobile website means you basically have a second website totally optimised for
mobile phones and no re-sizing by the site is necessary. You may have been to a site on your mobile
phone where you have seen a link on hte page to go to the full site.

PROS: Very efficient for mobile devices. Attractive looks, more professional,

CONS: Extra cost of another website and possible hosting. Sometimes limited to how much of the
original site t=you can put on there. May have an effect of the SEO of your origianal site.

How can I make my website mobile friendly?

If you have an old site it might be best to get it re-developed to update your site to 2015 standard.
If your site is less than a couple of years old it might be possible to make some changes to make
you site responsive.

Overall if you are a small business a responsive site is the way to go. You will have low overheads
and have an attractive site that works on all devices. If you happen to have a large site with alot
of things going on like webforms, calenders, account logins it may be be best to go down the mobile website avenue.

If you would like to dicuss mobile website design or get a website developed feel free to contact us here.

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