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Example of Local Search

The Power of Local SEO For Your Business

⦁ In the example shown we have searched Google for a type of business and the        suburb where we want to find it.

⦁ What Google then does is show the most relevant businesses in order to the              person that is searching for them.

⦁ Local SEO places its results on a map right above all other searches so your              customer will see it first and not have to look further.

⦁ If searching from a phone your potential customer doesn’t even need to type in a      suburb, google will work it out based on their location.

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Advanatages of Local SEO

Brand Recognition


Brand recognition is the degree to which your customers are able to recognize your products or services. Local SEO helps in improving the visibility of your brand to the potential customers in your local area. Frequent exposure of your brand to your customers leads to enhanced brand awareness, which may eventually lead the customer to a purchase.


Improves Visibility


Local SEO attracts potential customers to your website, this is done by ranking your business higher in their local search results. Customers find it comfortable to deal with businesses in their local area. By purchasing products from a local supplier they eliminate unnecessary transportation and middlemen costs, not to mention they feel good about supporting the local community. So when you are found in local search results customers are more inclined to purchase from your business.

Website Taffic and Leads


According to Search Engine Watch, around 60% of the clicks in Google search results are taken by the results in the top three results. By investing in a Local SEO campaign, your business will be promoted higher in the local search results. This causes more people to click and visit your website. With an increase in potential customers coming to your website, the number of actual customers should also increase in the form of increased sales.

Increase your Business


Local SEO offers your business a tremendous potential to increase earnings. The revenue you generate by using Local SEO will be many times higher than the investment with which you start (if done correctly). The improved visibility that a Local SEO provides will help a business in maximizing sales, leading to revenue generation.

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