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PPC Marketing

The perfect way to get instant targeted visitors to your website.

What Exactly is PPC?

PPC differs from SEO in that rather than your website being selected to appear in the search results by the merits of the site, you pay a small fee every time someone clicks on your ad. This form of marketing is commonly referred to as pay-per-click (PPC). The amount you pay per click is determined by the level of competition in your industry and how prominent you wish the listing to be. It can range anywhere from $0.49 – $49 per click.

Your ads appears in the top of search results in Google, usually two or three listings with a pale orange background – then continues down the right hand side of the page. Your ad will appear when certain criteria are met such as the key phrases searched for and the location of the user at the time.

Campaigns for PPC are set up using Google Adwords platform.  There you place bids on specific keywords and phases related to your business.  You only ever pay when a user clicks on your ad.   This method is great for people that want instant traffic delivered to there website.

Our PPC Service

  • Launchify charges a set monthly fee, no hidden costs.
  • Launchify AdWords team works tirelessly to reduce your AdWords spend, cost per lead & cost per sale.
  • No set up fees!
  • A dedicated Campaign Manager that provides regular updates and in-depth monthly reporting.
  • Australia’s Best Call Tracking

Other PPC Firms

  • Other AdWords firms pocket 25% – 75% of their clients monthly AdWords spend. In most cases, the client is unaware of this.
  • By taking a % of their clients AdWords spend, most companies want their clients to spend more so they can pocket more.
  • Set up fees and a % of monthly Google spend.

PPC Management Investment Cost

Extra Features

Custom Reporting

Call Tracking

Bing/Adwords Account

Our PPC Strategy For Your Business

Research your website, industry and competitors to recommend what will work best for you.

Track and monitor your campaign to ensure its converting efficiently for your business.  

Implement keywords and design ad copy that converts clicks to sales.

Continually optimise your campaign working towards lowering your cost per click and overall media spend.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your business and campaign

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