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Local SEO

This is the SEO option for business that want to rank their site locally in google for there given keywords.

National SEO

This is the SEO option for business that want to rank their site locally in google for there given keywords.

Ecommerce SEO

Differs from standard SEO services as we can implement individual products show up in the search Engines.

Global SEO

Global SEO is for the “A” Players that want their product or service to be globally recognised.

What exactly is

Search Engine Optimisation


(SEO) is the process of maximising the position of a website in search engine results.

Search engines rank websites according to many variables which principally fall into two areas; relevance and credibility. The relevance of a website to a given search will determine if it is to be included in the results. The credibility of the website will determine how close to the top of the page the website will be listed. Relevance has to do with the structure of the code and text on the website. Credibility is primarily the product of references to the website in the wider internet.

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Our SEO Services Overview

Our Service
  • Website audit to fix and improve the site speed, crawl-ability, meta data and site errors
  • Functionality check: 301 Redirects, Robots.txt, ALT Tag Check, XML Sitemap, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tool
  • Usability check: broken links, meta data, duplicate content, footer links, load speed
  • Keyword research
  • Content writing
  • Strategic link building
  • Dedicated Account Manager 
  • Monthly reporting

Seo Stage 1-Keyword Research

One of our most important responsibilities is to define the most effective set of keywords. SEO account managers begin by getting to know your client’s business and the objectives of their campaign. Working within the parameters of their budget, we’ll conduct in-depth research into the online behaviours of their customers, search volumes, market factors and their competition. Our objective is to identify keywords that will produce the result your client is looking for, be it a phone enquiry, form submission or online purchase. These will not always be the keywords that have the highest search volume. Conversion rates are more important than traffic alone.

Seo Stage 2-On Page Optimisation

URL structure-Search engines use folder and page names to help them determine the subject matter of the website.

Page titles- The titles that appear in the header of your web browser are also given a high degree of attention.

Copy- Search engines look at the way copy is presented on your website and measure customer engagement. Such things as headings, bold text, how many times certain words appear on the page, which words are towards the start of a sentence, the quality and relevance of the content are taken into account.

Links & Sitemap-The way your pages link to each other can help or hinder the search engine in finding its way around your site. When required, we’ll also submit a sitemap file.

Speed- Both site users and search engines prefer websites that load quickly.

Duplication- As search engines favour sites with unique content, we look to eliminate content duplication, both within the site and externally.

Seo Stage 3-Rank Development

Establishing your online assets and properly optimised content so that search engines understand you is a critical first step towards claiming your piece of the online pie. This unfortunately is as far as most SEO providers will go. This may have been effective some years ago when doing any form of SEO set you apart from your competitors. Today, that’s not enough, because everyone is doing SEO – you have to do it better than they are.

At Launchify we understand that establishing a client’s relevance to the keyword set is just the beginning. Search engines will now include the website in their results but not necessarily too far up the rankings. With 96% of clicks to a website occurring on the first page of any given search it’s essential that you get up there. How does a search engine decide if you should be there? It rates your credibility, which it establishes by what others have to ‘say’ about you. A search engine is of course a program so it does this by looking for references to your website on other websites. This is why a link from an external website to your own will improve your search engine rankings.

As every URL, industry and keyword faces a different level of competition to get on the first page of Google, we price campaigns on a custom basis

Frequently Asked Questions

How will SEO benefit my business?

Having a SEO campaign running for your site will increase the number of website visitors to your site through the search engines (Google)  Also it will add more value to your business if your getting a good supply of traffic to your website.

How long should I have a SEO campaign run for?

Although we recommend 12 months for really great results if your in a competitive market you may not want to stop, especially if your getting a great ROI.

How do I justify the price of SEO?

For example:  We charge Kathrine $1000 for her cake business website to be ranked on Google for 5 keywords.

Say those keywords where, cake store, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cake store Melbourne, wedding cakes Melbourne.

And they had search volumes of 500, 1000, 300, 600, 1000

Lets take one keyword:  Say we get Katherine’s website to No. 1 spot on Google for wedding cakes with 1000 searches a month.  Lets say on average Katherine makes $200 profit from each cake sold.

Say “wedding cakes” gets 1000 searches per month and 50% of people click through to her site.  Then out of that 30% inquire about a cake and then 5% buy a cake.  So we have 1000 divided by 2=500 clicks through.  Then 150 inquire (30%) about a cake, giving Katherine 150 leads 🙂 Then 7 people (5%) buy a cake @ $200 profit = $1400 for Katherine out of 1 keyword.

PLEASE NOTE:  These are not accurate figures on conversion rates for click through this is just an example of how we can work out profits from SEO campaigns.

How much is SEO?

We will quote a price on case to case basis.  Many factors that can determine the price of a campaign depending on competition, keywords and other factors that we consider.

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