Buying a website is an investment for you and your business.  It may be the pinnacle of your business or just a fancy contact method for your customers to contact you.  Either or you need to know what actually happens when you invest in a website.

There is some terminology that you may need to understand before you talk to an agency or freelancer that maybe building you a website.  You don’t really need to know but some of you may want to understand the basics.  It’s worth a read especially if you have no idea.

Domain Names

What is a domain name? A domain name is the address of your website.  Example:

You cannot have a website without a domain name.  This a registered entity with a domain registrar.  You can registrar your domain name for 2 years at a time for an Australian domain name (

To registrar an Australian domain name the requirements are to have an Australian business with a current ABN number. You can apply for an ABN at the Australian government website.

Web Hosting

Website hosting is something that never gets mentioned to customers before investing in their website.  Web hosting is where your website files and data base will live on the internet.  Its similar to having files on your computer.

Website is another cost of owning a website.  Usually web hosting will be charged at a monthly rate or annual rate.

How much is website hosting cost?

Website hosting will cost depending on how large your website is and how many visitors you have coming to your site.  For a small businesses you usually only need a small host package.  This can range from $15 – $50 per month.  For a larger site that is an online store with a lot of pages and product would require a larger package.  Cost for online store website hosting would range between $50 – $300 depending on how large your site was.

The CPanel

The CPanel is the back end software associated with your website hosting.  There is a lot of tools and applications to deal with your website files, security, email accounts and much more.  You don’t really need to know too much about it but just aware of what it is.  You may need the login details for future website upgrades ect for you website developer.

Here’s what a typical cpanel looks like:

what is cpanel


CMS What is that?

CMS stands for content Management System.  This is the platform your website is built on.  Most website designers will build a website on a CMS that is popular.  3 of the most popular CMS’s out there are WordPress, Drupal and Joolma.

When you login in to the back end of your website you are logging in to the CMS.  Here you can add extra pages, post, images and update your website yourself.


So what you have learnt before you invest in your website?

You know what a domain name is!

You know what web hosting is!

You know what the CPanel is!

You know what CMS stands for!

Hopefully after this you will have a better understanding on the terminology and a basic overview of what you need to know about owing a website.

If your looking for a new website or website maintenance quote feel free to get in touch with us!

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