“In the digital age, it is absolutely necessary for every business to create an online presence”

Whether in a form of a website, an E-commerce platform, social media platform or simply a combination of all the three, having your presence online as a company will see you reap great benefits. As a matter of fact, whether you conduct or do not conduct your businesses on the internet, customers and potential customers expect to see you online.   If they do not see you there, then your business will not only appear like it has been left behind, but you could also be losing an opportunity to increase your customer base.

“Businesses that do not get involved with online interactions will definitely be ignoring the potential opportunities which arise from online presence”

Therefore, it is not only important to at least have a website for your business, but it is highly important to have a website presence in conjunctions with the other online social media tools which will help to grow your business tremendously. Your online presence, the platforms and the interactions with which you are involved in, will largely depend on the particular business that you are running and of course what you are offering.

“In building your online presence it is important to first of all consider having a website, with the fundamental information that are required by your customers”

Once you have a website ensure that it can readily be found and be seen by the search engines. This is done by search engine optimisation or SEO for short.  Social media is another important way to create an online presence, through a social media strategy you can create a window into your business where you can display your goods and services whist interacting with customers and potential customers.

“Having an online presence predisposes your business to a number of benefits and advantages.  Therefore some of the reasons why you need to ensure that you have a website or generally an online presence are”


1. You business will always be open for business.

A website doesn’t have trading hours, it can sell or take information 24hrs a day and 7 days week as long as the website or the internet is up, neither does it face any time zone barrier, your presence online will ensure that your operations are always available at virtually no cost of operation and present to all your customers all round the clock.

2. Brand building

Your website address or your domain name on the internet, is normally a unique identity. Its uniqueness on the internet builds a very strong identity which is specific just to your company and your business in general. Your business name is therefore noticed far and wide and creates a niche around it. Similarly having an online presence gives you the opportunity to market your brand in more creative and a very exciting fashion

3. A greater and a global audience and potential customers

An online presence has no geographical or physical barrier, your brand and products can therefore be seen far and wide and in a more global scale than when you are confined in the convectional shops and this therefore exposes you to a larger potential customer base. It is therefore open to virtually anybody that passes through your virtual door step.

4. Reviews and customer feedback

The world wide web offers a more interactive way and an easier platform to interact with your clients or with your potential customers. It presents a quick and an efficient way to communicate, give an insight, respond and to give feedback to your clients regardless of the distance

5. Easier and cheaper ways to market and to show case your products and services

The internet a presents a very cheap and effective way to display and to advertise your products and services to a wider audience without having to employ or to enlist so much resources and personnel. Similarly, it allows your customers to make decision on your products at a more relaxed way without feeling pressured by annoying sales reps.

6. Makes it easier to build relationship with your clients and potential customers

Linking your business to social media platforms will allow you to give feedback and allow for complements as well as a room to chat and to advice your clients regarding your business and on your products. This helps to build a amiable relationship with your potential clients and also give them the opportunity to easily share your details with friends.

7. A huge market possibility

For online retail and services the coverage that the internet occupies is global, it has no boundaries this exposes you business to a very large client base.

8. Money from your website

Having a website that attracts traffic can be used to earn revenues from sales, the leads and the traffic driven from merchant links and various ads placed on your website.

9. Your competition is doing it

It does not mater what industry you are in from service providers to retail the chances are some if not all of your competition have an online presence.

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